Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goetic Dream

Tuesday night turned out to be much more interesting than Monday's shut out.

I was in a home quite different from mine. The house may have belonged to my mentor. The living room had two rooms to the left of where I was standing. The one before me had no door, simply a long break in the wall, and belonged, or was being used by, his ex-wife. The other, behind me may have had the same configuration. There were a couple of couches in the living room.

I was attempting to set-up a Goetic invocation. (Note: Last night I finished engraving a Goetic seal for my next evocation.) By the time I had gathered all my tools in the living room, I had to go somewhere. I do not recall if I left and came back or never left. People kept coming in and interrupting my work. Sometimes, they were even physically in my way. I kept looking for a sheet on which I have circle drawn for my goetic practices. Someone found it for me. (Note: The first one of these I made went missing. I had to make a second one before my first successful Goetic invocation.) I was concerned about my mentor's ex sleeping in the other room when I did this. Both she and the rest of the people in the house, said it would be fine. This got a 'snort' from my gal that has had some issues with this person in real life.

At this point, Mic Jagger and the rest of the stones showed up. Mic was flipping a quarter in the air and doing various coin tricks. He was very impressed with his quarter. My gal give him a silver frog or two and he was very happy to receive them. Some 'hanger on' to the Stones was trying to impress us by stating he was in a band in his youth.

I finally had the circle laid out when four women on the bed in the room behind me emerged and tried to drag me back to the bed. They were very erotic. My reaction was one of irritated boredom. I did a LBRP type banishing pentagram in their direction, which I could see. The lines were brown and said Emor Dial Hectaga, which is the secret name of god on the northern Enochian tablet. They laughed and said I was in trouble because I used the wrong god name and invoked fire instead. I said no and told them the equivalent name for fire and they went back to their bed. I hadn't fully banished them but I did get them out of the way.

This is where the dream ended.

I thought the dream was a bit of a break through for a couple of reasons. First, this was the first night I placed the kerub of air in the blue-black sphere. Secondly, there were a lot of images from my real life in the dream, such as the Goetic tools I use. In the third place, the interaction with the four seductresses seemed to come close to how I think. Though, I normally wouldn't use Enochian for this sort of thing. I use that only rarely. Lastly, I felt more like the real life me in the dream. I was really tired and muddled in the dream but I felt like I had much more of my own personality coming into play than normal.

After getting up to type my notes, I covered the seal I had just made in black cloth. I had gotten sloppy and forgotten.

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