Notable Posts

This page has links to posts that I feel define my core values, attitudes and personal beliefs. They exist to give new readers something to use when deciding to stick around or not. They also serve as a reminder to myself. I will reread these from time to time to see if they still belong or need updating.

Priesthood   November 19, 2010

Golden Blind My take on some of the unsavory Golden Dawn battles and why they aren't so bad.

Tarot Magick  -- Developing the Skills to be a Magician. This post, originally about doing a particular type of tarot magick, is a good commentary on the skills one needs to develop as a magician. 

The Prayer of Jabez -- This one is a life changer. Not only did I reach into evangelical Christianity for inspiration but found a tremendous power in this little albeit modified prayer.

Magickal Effects are Not Accomplishments -- This reflects my attitude on magick, its true goal (for me) and the potential traps.

You are Perfect -- title says it all. August 13, 2011

The Rite of Asklepios -- An extraordinary healing right that I personally witnessed saving a life. This is not my work but I was asked to post it due to a magickal obligation on the part of the creator of the rite.

Am I a Magician? -- January 14, 2012. This appears to be the beginning of a life's work.