Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dreams 1

One of Stavish's exercises is a dream diary. I am not sure I have the discipline to post every morning but I am going to try. I have tried before and failed.

I was playing basketball in a good sized arena. There were lots of fans. I think it was college level. I played well, which should be tip off as I am not a basketball player or fan. I made steal and scored. Played some good defense and remember getting in a pickle or two. It was like a normal game of basketball, except that I was watching me play from the outside and actually had the thought, "which one is me again?" as I tried to find myself on the court.

I was in the military on an air base. It felt like I was in the army, not the air force. We were being instructed how to position ourselves in the airplane to make the smallest target. Cut to another scene at the same base but there was a lot less people. It was as if we were mostly abandoned, like it was a small outpost somewhere but it was the same island base. Some folks were growing their own gardens. The Native Amercians were best at it. Myself and others were making circles in the ground for ritual space. Mine was complete and the inner part of the circle was cleaned out and flat. I began working on the Native American circle which had all sorts of plants and rocks within it. Some troops passed by and were none too happy the native americans were getting a circle too.


Yotimor said...

The dreams of military like gatherings I believe are becoming common for young magicians - they seem to be my least lucid of lucid dreaming as I have a hard time differentiating it from dream reality. Having been in the military only a couple years ago there is this sense of like "what the fuck am I DOING back here - I'm out!"
I think we are being trained on the astral - for what.. 2012 - the apocalypse - global awareness - I don't know - but their intensity, frequency and (now) commonality would appear to point in a serious direction. I'm David242x@yahoo.com on realmagick yahoo group as well as enochian. If you'd like to exchange information with a magician of somewhat the same level please feel free.
LVX brother

Brother Red said...

I think all magicians of a certain level go through the whole militaristic phase. This too shall pass...

Frater BH said...

I hadn't heard of the militaristic phase. I assumed it may be possible in Geburah but I am not the high up the tree. I think this dream may have come from the fact that I have a deep respect for my father as a military person. Though I am not. And, that I am developing a close friendship with an Iraqi vet. I think the dream is more a reflection of my waking life. But I will keep an eye out for patterns. This is my first attempt at serious dream cataloging.

Thanks for the comments. It is good to know someone out there is reading.