Monday, April 21, 2008

Between the Words -- The next step

The time for the next step in the Stavish process has arrived. The game is to focus on the nape of the neck and see there a blue-black ball illuminated from within. Once that is done, get inside the ball and visualize the kerub of earth. He gave other options as well. I am following this for a week before moving on to the next element.
I did it last night as I went to bed. Unfortunately, I awoke too late to record my dreams sufficiently. However, I do remember a few tidbits.
I drove to an airport. There was a hole in the road to where my plane was located. So, I had to turn around. I entered a dinner at the other end of said road and said to no one in particular that I had a bad feeling about flying today and I was going to go with it as we've all heard too many stories about fliers ignoring their intuition. There was also something in there about my father but I know not what. I sat at the counter and Marylin Monroe sat on a stool on the other side. She sang something but when there were no words to go with the music, she'd stop singing and eat her burger and fries.
Well, the exercise may have given my the opportunity to astral project/lucid dream through the metaphor of flying. The visualization of the earth kerub may have resulted in the hole in the road which prevented me from going to the airport.
The other thing that happened today was my doodling. I was at a meeting and doodled a series of eights across the page. I stopped because that isn't my normal doodle. There were two rows separated but one big eight. I counted them. They totaled 35. Three plus five is 8, Hod, the sephira of magick.
I am not sure what that has to do with anything but I thought I should record it.

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