Monday, April 7, 2008

Current Projects

Obviously, I am starting this blog in the middle of my magickal career. I have no plans to rehash every act of magick I have ever done. So, here is what I am working on currently.

I am reading Between the Gates - Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and the Body of Light in Western Esotericism by Mark Stavish. I plan on following the instructions step-by-step. I will try to title each post so readers can follow a topic. This one will start off as "Between the Gates". The reason I am doing this is because I can not astral project at will. My ability to lucid dream is marginal. I aim to change that.

Until recently, my plans involved evoking each of the planetary angels but my HGA guided me away from that to a series of spells that I have been toying with. This puzzles me. My only guess is that I always aspire upwards. I seek the divine. Perhaps I am being taught to see the divine in the mundane. Perhaps I am being pushed to learn thaumaturgy so I can do magick to make mundane room for my True Will to manifest. I am unsure. However, it seems pointless to work as hard as I have to have knowledge and conversation and then ignore the advice.

I do ceremonial magick to create thought-forms or servitors or whatever you choose to call them and release them with a word as needed. In this case, I have several habits or traits I want to ingrain into my personality. I am planning on creating a spell for each one but fire them off in one big group. One word will activate five or six spells. I will post this under the topic of "String of Spells".

The spells I am toying with are these:

Spell for ‘happiness’ -- I am not a very happy person and sometimes not being happy is picked up as anger when none is intended. I see no reason why happiness would be harmful in my life. So, my spell will create happiness for me and carry with it the indirect intent to improve communications with others.

Spell for ‘healthy eating’-- My brain functions better when I eat better but I am a typical American and eat typical American things. I eat out too much for my waist-line and my wallet. So, I am going to eat better for my brain. If I save some cash, all the better.

Spell for being more intuitive -- This will be an odd one. I really don't know why I added it to the list but it 'feels' right. It may get editted. We will see.

Spell for being wiser -- Same as above.

Spell for better study habits -- I am not a scholar, yet I want to get more out of my rather large library. The spell will help me read to retain.

Spell to shut the *bleep* up -- Sometimes, silence is better than my overactive mouth.

There will be more on Between the Gates tonight.

Fr. BH

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