Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday Night Dreams

I fell asleep so fast last night I barely had time to tell myself to remember my dreams much less focus on the nape of my neck in the prescribed way.

I watched a seen, being narrated by Stone Phillips, of an amusement partk owner or manager walking and being confronted by a couple of angry customers. The man tries to calm them down but is obviously failing. There are no voices directly from the scene. The only voices I hear are being played over the scene like a news show. The manager pulls away from the scene just as an employee comes along that was obviously a bouncer. He immediately bypasses the two that were initially arguing and goes after two people from the same party that are leaning on a railing that separates a covered picnic area from the a lake. They remain motionless until the last second when the both move apart making the big bouncer awkwardly between them. We the bouncer turns to go after them again, he gets punched in the balls. In obvious pain, he flips one of them into the water.

The next dream has me in an arcade with a my sister's family and my ex-wife's nephew. Everyone is their current real-life age except my exes nephew who is the age I knew him around five. We are playing with a b-b gun against a target. Everyone is taking turns until the five year old starts waving the gun around. I patiently try to call him over and tell him to stop. He refuses. I go to him and tell him to look at me because I have something to explain to him. He does but immediately gets distracted when I begin to speak. So I take the gun and firmly tell him he doesn't get to play for the rest of the day.

Both of these dreams have to do with recreation and leisure. I never thought of putting that with Venus/Netzach (Friday) before but that is often what we have desire for. So, it fits in a way.

My dreams from the last few days, which were not posted, also contained a lot of outside narration even though I was actually an actor in the situations. This may be a good dream marker to allow me to become more lucid as I don' t recall that happening much in waking life.

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