Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nape of Neck Meditation

I performed the Nape of the Neck meditation. I was pleased to feel my throat tingling and feels as if it was undulating. Stavish says it is impossible to stimulate the psychic center I am working on without stimulating the chakra at the thyroid. So, I must have suddenly done something I haven't noticed doing before. This appears to be a mark of progress.

During the meditation, in addition to seeing the black-blue ball from within, I saw a red area at my neck in the general shape of a butterfly bandage. Again, Stavish said this area best responds to red for my purposes.

I failed to mention in my last dream post that I focused on the nape of the neck with the black-blue ball before falling asleep last night. During that focus period, I did see roads before and I felt some movement following those roads but it wasn't the full movement of astral projection. Perhaps a small non-lucid part of me was able to project and I was picking up on that sensation.

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