Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Night Dreamin'

There was huge line of actors evenly spaced about twenty feet apart. The line extended out of a building and into a paved area. I assume it must have wrapped around the buildings of the movie lot. I was settingup a show of sorts where the actors spoke a bit about themselves. They'd appear in alphabetical order. think it was my job to set this up and I think I was one of the actors as well. At first I was coordinating things. Then I watched as someone else did.
Next dream,
I watched as folks that did marine research showed their findings or results after recovering an ocean area from some sort of disaster.
Another dream
This was TV show showing the time line of some politcal history/scandal.
Note: These dreams had a particular form and order to them. The fell of that leads me to associate them with Saturn.
Another Dream
I was at work but the buildings weren't our normal buildings. They may have been in a strip mall. My real life boss was doing her job and being a baker. Cut to another building, this one more more government-like that the other. I hear others shout my name and say "Oh no!" or words like that. I waslk over and my real-life coworker is asks me if I heard. I say no and he tells me that I am beign transferred to another department. Mark was very upset. I said, "I don't think cares one way or the other but doesn't want to do [a certain task I do at work]."
We then drove to our real life coworker's home. A woman was driving but she was distracted. I kept having to reach over from the front passenger seat and correct her course before she hit pedestrians. The house we arrived at was very small for the ritzy neighborhood it was in. It was dwarfed and a hill loomed over it. His girlfriend, someone besides his actual girlfriend, gave us pamplhlets to look at regarding a new game they were developing. Because I looked it I was given more of them.

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