Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday Night Dreamin'

I didn’t sleep all night or so it seemed. Literally, on the hour, I’d get up to pee through 2:00 AM. IT stopped at 2:00 AM because it was then I realized I had been sleeping well but waking every hour with the impression I hadn’t been sleeping.

The realization came when I was dreaming about being in an old Victorian house. I was in a bedroom at the far end of one hallway. I walked down to bedroom at the opposite end of the all and saw odd lights. Like one bar of a chevron. The chevrons were made of various colors but they were not very bright. I felt the urge to leave the room and I did but not before realizing there was a female ghost that didn’t want me there.

I went down stairs into a room that may have been a dinning room attached to a kitchen. On the counter top, I saw a cow figurine with two heads and no rump. Behind that was a very small but very alive looking tiger. Its head moved to follow me as I walked. I commented, “There is a very life-like tiger on the counter.” The man in the room, whom I did not really see, dismissed it as commonplace. I heard movement in the kitchen. I turned on the lights and there were a couple of frogs that were pretty noisy for frogs. They were not vocalizing. The noise was coming from their movement and crashing into the walls and moving along the floor.

I mentioned the frogs again to a bored reception. I then found myself to be holding a big round tin like cookies come in. Inside was a very big frog that was associated in my mind with my HGA. The frog was too big for the tin. The lid wouldn’t fit. The man demanded that I it be left outside for the night. I knew it would be in danger outside. I argued to no avail that the other frogs could remain. It was at this point that I woke up thinking I’d never been asleep and realized I just had this dream.

Note: I remember reading recently that cows are associated with the mooooon. Also that tigers are as well. Frogs are the butterflies of the water, transforming from tadpoles.

Different Dream

I dreamt I was being educated about some sort of secret conspiracy that had to do with science. I clearly saw pigs being dissected for DNA experiments and was told this was how the extra-terrestrials did it. Then I was told human scientists were doing the same on humans and how this would be a huge scandal if they could ever find a body part. This dream was more complicated and it took place in several rooms of a building but I can not recall more.

Notes: When I awoke at two, I jotted down the following notes. Notice there is something military here. Odd that occurred again on a Tuesday night.

Frogs two headed cow, frog in box, frater ro’s script Victorian house, haunted, small tiger dreaming I was awake, military muster call.

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