Monday, April 28, 2008

Sticker Spirits

I have been self-prompted to look for spirits affecting me for several days. I finally did that today during a slow period at work. I noticed a sticker like one you'd pluck out of your sock after crossing a field. It had a sharp point and was fuzzy towards the back. It was in a physical location associated with Geburah.

Note: Geburah is a sephira on the qabalistic tree of life associated with rulership, severity and Mars. The vice of Geburah is cruelty.

I plucked out and disposed of the sticker-spirits and immediately felt more cheerful. I scanned my body and found many more of them. I asked them, "What do you do?" They informed me that they fed off the energy created one wants to do something but can not. Considering the list of things my HGA has told me to work on (see prior posts) and my lucid dreaming and astral traveling experimetns, they have a lot of food. I am going to get rid of as many of them as I can from the lowest sephira body locations to the higher. Stickers in malkuth and yesod could explain a lot.

After removal, if I suddenly can astral project and/or lucid dream, what conclusions could I reach? The spirits were stopping me? Or, the spirits were part of the problem and my work to succeed exposed them? Or, the spirits are just an internal manifestation of inability and that inability underwent transformation?

I leave the questions open. I have no answers at this point.

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Vir fortunae lucisque said...

Remember that all kinds of astral dross are attracted to such intense working. You seem to pack "ye olde astral" punch, so you may be exposed to this more than most. It's a good idea to use cleansing measures regularly. They will keep such away.