Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Paradigm Formation

Theurgy means god work. In short, it is the practice of seeking unity with the divine. Some would call that arrogant. But once a glimpse of that unity is obtained, one realizes that it is available to all. There is no sense of being better attached to the experience.

Thaumaturgy is doing magick to affect the material plane. Doing a spell to obtain twenty dollars is an act of thaumaturgy. Uniting with one’s higher nature is an act of Theurgy.

I am a theurgist but I am doing more and more thaumaturgy lately. Most of my acts of thaumaturgy have a theurgic spin to them.

For instance, I am not a happy person. I do not seek happiness. However, I noticed that my direct form of communication coupled with my serious attitude isn’t received very well. Therefore, I am developing a spell to be happy, in hopes of forming better relationships with those around me.; with hopes of learning from other people; with hopes of growing as a spiritual human.

Is that a round about way of reaching the goal? Yes. The path of the qabalist is taking everything apart and joining it with every other thing and every other part until a sense of unity is achieved. I am simply taking apart a string of things that have caused an effect and recombining them to result in a different effect. The result will be a microcosmic glimpse of that unity achieved through willful action.

Relatively recently, I obtained knowledge and conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel. There will be a future blog post on that. My HGA told me part of my work was conjuring a particular Goetic spirit. Yet, when I wrote the charge, over and over again, I found myself displeased with the result. I felt as if I was being greedy as I kept demanding more than was necessary to follow the instructions I received.

So I spoke to one of the more famous goetic magicians around, Lon DuQuette. He gave me advice that both fit into my normal mode of working and blew me away. He said the trick to dealing with Goetic spirits involves worship. Not of them but of the ultimate -- his term, the Goddess. He said that act is basically one of giving the goddess energy so She can raise you up. Inversely, the relationship with a demon should be accepting or ‘vouchsafing’ its energy so you can raise it up. By vouchsafing, I took his meaning to be that the energy so given, must be used is accordance with the cosmic flow in order to achieve full effect.

Having conversed with my HGA about the suggestion and having been told it is sound. I am trying to rearrange my paradigm to fit into that linear pattern. Can I do all my workings so that they fit into that flow? One Vertical Line, One Will, One Manifestation. This idea just may be my Spiritus Mundi. It fits very close to what I have done all along.

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