Friday, September 25, 2020

Doing Negative Magick

Doing negative magic has always been controversial in the neopagan community. In other communities it is viewed as the norm. My views on the topic have changed over time.

I do not follow the rule of three. If you take that rule literally, that would mean that someone who shop lifts would have items stolen from them three times for every time they stole something from somebody else. Or, they would lose something three times the value. I have never seen any such literal mathematically precise result of magic. Even taken metaphorically or with some concept of karma I’m not sure the rule of three can be accurately applied. I do believe in what the concept is trying to teach.

Before I retired, I was a hothead at work. Having engaged in this behavior for many years it is understandable that some people were afraid to see me coming. Their resistance to my suggestions or activities came in large part from my behavior. Though I have to admit that people much nicer than myself also received this resistance but the response from people was always kinder. Basically, I created a flow of negativity that did impact my enjoyment of my work life. In one way because I allowed myself to get upset and in another way because my being upset created negative feelings towards me that were acted upon.

I feel the same way about doing negative magic. When the habit is to do negative magic towards everybody that causes some offense, trespasses upon one’s life, or that one simply doesn’t like, the practitioner walks into a flow of negativity within his or her own life. Living within that current is literally bathing in your own negativity, the negativity of others and one’s own false perceptions of negativity. Pretty soon the magick users is at war with everyone and everything. I have never seen this work out well. Normally, these people are cranky, speak negatively about everyone around them are usually unhappy with themselves.

That said, I do believe in doing the occasional negative magic. In a prior post, I mentioned doing some magic in the workplace to defend myself from people who wanted to fire me. That was quite easy for me to do because they had no legitimate reason for doing so. If they tried to fire me for being cranky, it would’ve been harder for me to do because I would’ve agreed with them. I also feel negative magic is necessary when you are encountering a particularly nasty sort of person. For example, a stalker, thief, or someone that continually creates unnecessary mischief because they are mean.

Such things should be relatively rare. If they are not, one should stop and ask oneself what one is doing in order to attract that sort of negativity on a continual basis. Chances are inner work is more necessary than tossing about a lot of negative magic. That inner work will heal you in the long term and make your life much more enjoyable


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mars, A Higher Use

Mars, along with Saturn, is traditionally referred to as a malefic planet. Given that is associated with war and the strife that brings, this association makes sense. Accordingly, many magicians use the powers of the planet to thwart their enemies in one way or another. Given Mars association with all surgeries, people use this force to cut people out of their lives, cut ties to unbearable relatives and the like. Even when a direct appeal is never made or the magic is done by those who only do sublunar work, the energy to do such things is generally classified as martial.

Mars can also be used to take one to victory in any conflict or endeavor. More often than not, applying this sort of force will result in an equal and opposite negative reaction from others. One can win the war but the civilians with bombed out houses are unlikely to be happy with the victor. Those that use this force well, use it while working with other forces to heal the wounds left behind. Those that know history will see some of this in the Marshall Plan after World War II and take note that Germany became an ally of the United States. 

The importance of expanding the metaphor cannot be overstated no matter what force or spirit you are working with. Forces that bring wealth are not just associated with money. Wealth can mean health, mental acuity, deep friendships and being within the light of God.  Mars in no exception.

The higher use of Mars is to cut away all things that interfere with your ability to hear the voice of God and your courage (another trait associated with the planet) to transmit those words as best you can. When the ‘as best you can’ part is cut away and one becomes the courage through unassailable faith, the powers of Mars are compelled to protect you.

This is not advocating the rabid martial insanity of a street preachers and modern day pharisees. Those folks understand the law of the Abrahamic god but nothing else. Their courage to speak comes not from this sort of faith but its shadow.