Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday Night/Saturday Morning Dreams

Friday night, I had a dream, woke up and decided it was so clear I could write it down in the morning. I woke up and forgot everything. I think it had to do with GD work.

I awoke at 7:15, used the restroom and went back to bed. The sun was up at this time so the following dreams had to occur and count as Saturday’s dreams

I this dream, I had some sort of vehicle that allowed me to fly along the streets cars drove on. This resulted in me almost getting hit as a crossed an intersection just against the light.

Someone called me and asked for Linda. This is a woman I know in real life from work. I In dreamland, she staying at my home temporarily. I said, Linda could be reached through me but I was currently in Bakersfield and she wasn’t. The caller remained on the line and said nothing for some time. I thought the cell phone dropped the call but persisted in trying to get the guy to talk. When he did talk, I realized he was saying the same words as Bob Schaeffer from CBS news on the television. I thought this quite odd and wondered if the caller was Bob Schaeffer. Then the caller started saying “Bang, Bang, Bang” imitating gun shots.

(Note: I don’t own a television anymore and didn’t watch Bob Schaeffer much when I did.)

Cut to me flying through the streets going to some sort of occult shop. I think Lon and Constance DuQuette were there but I didn’t see them. While there, I received a call from my friend “A”, who didn’t say much. When I asked if everything was all right, she said, “No.
Quoth I, “Is that caller there?”


I said that I’d call 911. I then tried to gather up my things to leave the store and go back to A’s place as I didn’t have the address. Calling 911 wouldn’t do any good.

“A” called back and asked, “You still haven’t done this?”

I was in such a hurry to do it that I just said, “Bye” and hung up. “B” another real-life friend said she’d help and called a friend. She gave me the phone and said that I’d be speaking to Officer Bacon. No, I am not making that up to be funny. The call went to voice mail.

Just then, another real life friend “L” came into the shop to speak to Lon or Constance. I chit chatted with him on before making my way out of the store.

Different dream

Watching a televised baseball game, I noticed the foul lines were drawn funny so the first and third base lines moved towards the pitching mound and formed a twenty-foot area of foul territory where no foul territory would normally be. A ball was bunted. Oddly the players let it roll up the line but it curved towards the middle of the diamond and ended up near second base. The umpire was all over the call. Though, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the call should be. A reply showed the ump in perfect position and focused on the play. I ended up thinking that most of the time umpires are prepared for the most obscure plays in the game and that they tend to do a pretty good job.


Brother Red said...

Interesting that you can't remember the GD stuff, but the stuff for work and play are readily accessible. Perhaps the egregore is protecting itself from being profaned? Of course, that wouldn't explain why Regardie got away with...

Frater BH said...

Well, I am not sure Regardie 'got away' he got screwed out of the royalties for the Golden Dawn. So the egregore didn't let him make money on that. Besides, just because you don't see egregores hammer folks, it doesn't mean they don't. Dreams can be nasty things and you have to sleep sometime.

Secondly, if it was GD related and I thought it off limits to post, I'd simply make a note of GD infomation imparted that I wasn't comfortable posting.