Blue Hand Logo

If I renamed this space, it would be called Blue Hand Magick. The image was one that appeared in a meditation. The artwork was done by my friend Nicole. She is immensely talented. Nicole took the images I needed right out of my head and made them just that much better. She is incredible.

To me, the symbolism applies as follows:

The hand creates. It is the physical yod of the qabala. There is some reflection of this yod as well in the way the beads flow across the palm of the hand.

The mala is prayer.

The blue is mercy. This mercy and love is from the qabalistic sphere of Chesed. This is also the memory of our cosmic journeys. It is that part of us that remembers we have an immortal soul.

The red is Strength. This is power from the qabalistic sphere of Geburah. This gives us the energy to overcome the obstacles and difficult lessons of the path.

The gold is Beauty. It is the beauty of the purified self, qabalistic  Tipereth. It is also the imagination that inspires us to seek the highest soul, which sparks the fires of Geburah which gives us the strength to persevere until we remember who we really are. It also is my HGA ring.

At the wrist, the beads form a double circle, below and above - as above so below. The hand within the rings demonstrates the ability to live within the virtues of one's own soul. There is no need to stray.

The rays emanating from the hand are the rays of magick and were added specifically for the header of this space. They are quiet and subtle. This is the way magick works when it comes from the heart. This is a reminder to me because as a Leo my magick can be red with ego. I aspire to the soft blue of love and mercy and the white of spirit.