Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Dreams

I was working on stimulating the chakra with the blue-black ball as I went to sleep last night. I had the vision of the road again and felt some movement. Then a young girl stood by my bed. Though in a different form, the coloring and style of her appearance looked like Harparkrat in the Thoth Deck. For those of you unfamiliar with that deck. Harparkrat can be found on the Aeon card. He is the one with his finger to his lips. This image went away when my gal opened the door to go to bed. However, I feel this is significant because it is the second time in so many nights of seeing something I perceived as external to myself in my bedroom.

I was unable to understand what was going on in a class room full of students and a female teacher because I hadn't studied. Suddenly, I was by myself in the same classroom while other folks were in another. I was being chewed out by a teachers aid for being there. I chewed back. I could almost read the words in the book.

Next Dream...

I was giving clothes away for charity as there was some huge charity drive going on. For some reason, I had to watch the drop off point, which was on the second floor of a department store, until it re-opened after lunch. Once it did, I could go back and get all my stuff to drop off. A line of folks formed before I could even leave. The stuff was in my car. To get it, I had to go through a grassy tree covered area interspersed with parking lots and roads.. It was like walking through my local college campus. I do not remember going to my car nor returning with my things to donate but I did have some conversations with people along the way that I can't recall.
My coworkers and I were in some sort of military exercise that had to do with our real-life work, even though we are not military people inside or outside of dreamland. Our helicopter was attacked by another and we were shot down. We crashed into shallow water and turned on our side. M used the machine gun to destroy the copter that was trying to finish us off.
Another coworker, also M, was there. We were going back to the charity site as soon as the military part was over. The first M said we had to sneak off to be alone as the second M wanted to put up an altar. In real life the second M is basically anti-religious.

I find it interesting that I recall two parts of the charity dream with the military interlude as if it was one dream. This would indicate an ability to recall much longer dreams, or that different dream parts are connected, or that I am remembering things out of order.

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