Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dreams 2

It looks like I have the discipline to do this two days in a row!

I was at a lake there was an small rocky island just off shore by 10 yards or so. It was very windy. Many folks were on the rocks as they were driven out of the water by the winds. A HS friend, Frank, answered the call of some woman to save her red row boat. Frank tried to drag it in. Somehow, it got under water. The boat could be seen on the bottom. Frank dove in to get it and apparently got stuck. I was awoken at this point by my alarm.

Analysis: What could this mean? If I look at every part of this dream as an extension of will, It could mean that my mental fears (wind) over take my emotional needs (row boat on water) and sink my True Will (red boat under water). My trapped friend is me, by failing to conquer the winds, I down in the emotions I try to avoid.

Another dream: I was in my family owned business. What it sold I am not sure. In the back a game show was going on for charity. The beneficiary ws the game show network.

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