Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dreams on a Saturday Night

I was inside a white room and outside a white room. In my dream state my awareness resided with the outside me at this point. Someone was trying to get into room. I shouted a warning, “He has company.” There was only one of him. So that comment was a bit strange. I didn’t think so at the time.

The man mimicked the voice of someone else. I shouted another warning that this person was not who he said he was.

My awareness shifted to the me that was in the room but had now escaped to some other place. The woman I was with said something to the effect that we are safe. I replied but I lost X and Y. X and Y were two electronic gadgets that I though important to successfully avoiding whatever was after us or completing our assignment, whatever that was.

In a different dream I witnessed a witch that looked like an every day person but felt as if she was out of an Anne Rice novel. She was in her bedroom. The home was two stories, modern and very nice. She was being confronted by two spirits. One looked exactly like her, the other exactly like her child. They were riding her over some mistake they thought she made. She wasn’t aware she was talking to spirits. The child-like one said that in punishment she wouldn’t be able to talk, to her children, for a day. A piece of tape appeared over her mouth. I knew that was symbolic and she’d likely have laryngitis.

Next dream.

I was sleeping late and very tired (I was in real life too). I was in an apartment with white walls. My friend T was there. She was trying to encourage me to get up and leave. I think to go get breakfast. Going out to breakfast is a normal Sunday routine for me and my gal. Suddenly, kids were in the room but they were not hers in real life. If fact, she ignored the girl. She had bumper stickers that were tattoos. The one she showed me had her, real life, daughters name on it in beautiful flowing script. I asked where A was going to put that and was told that she (A) hadn’t decided yet. Then T said, This one is just as beautiful.” and pulled down the waist of the boy’s pants to she me a tiny Aires symbol in that greenish prison looking tattoo ink.


I can’t help but to notice in the first two dreams that people are separated from themselves into parts. A previous meditation recorded here had the same theme. This may be coming from my recent reading of Crowley’s commentary on Liber Samekh.

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