Soul Readings - A Service I Offer

Offered for Entertainment Value Only

A soul reading looks primarily at four levels of the soul.

The Animal Soul – This part of us understands fight/flight and reproduction. All sorts of life events get miscategorized and acted upon as life and death situations when they are not. This can have serious life consequences.

The Automatic Personality – This part of the soul contains programmed behaviors that are later
rationalized away as decisions. Those behaviors can often leave feelings of regret. They are very
difficult to unprogram.

The Divine Personality – This soul level, when perfectly balanced is the part of us that should accurately reflect the immortal soul. This is often thwarted by the problems above or damaged. Those issues prevent the best parts of us to shine through.

The Immortal Soul directs our manifestations with specific purpose but often we fail to see this purpose in our lives. Clearing away problems of the lower soul levels can make this purpose obvious.

I will examine each of these soul levels, reveal their blockages and very often will reveal ways to remove them. Strengths will be revealed and on occasion, I will tell you how to make those strengths shine through.


•         Do you have references?

Yes, at the end of this page there is a long letter. You can see this guest post. I am sure I could find references should you need to ask.

•         Why would I want a soul reading?

A soul reading can reveal the problems that prevent you from leading a full life in accordance with your soul wishes, give you explanations as to their origins and how to overcome those problems. Healing often takes place at the soul level that trumps all other attempts to solve life problems.

Theurgists will find particular value in a third party seeing under the surface to get at those still unrevealed issues and solutions.

We all need a little help sometimes. Getting that help from somewhere who has been there and understands makes the process much less intimidating and very friendly.

It isn’t always about problems. Strengths and soul purposes can be revealed that you never realized. Once mentioned, you are very likely to see patterns all through your life that hinted at your true purpose.

Sometimes spontaneous HEALINGS of spiritual, intellectual and emotional issues take place with very little or no effort on the part of the person receiving the reading.

•         How can I contact you for a reading?

Click the email button on the web page or click on this link.

•         Do you accept Paypal?

PayPal is the only way to pay.

•         Don’t we have just one soul?

Yes but it can be divided into as many as parts as you like qabalistically. The four souls I mention can be thought of the same way you think of your mind as having an intellectual side, emotional side, intuitive side and irrational side.

•         Why are there so many parts?

I am not “G-d”. I do not know. What I do know is that a lot of our conflict seems to stem from the animal soul trying to keep us alive versus our Divine Personality trying to do its job and the interface between the two.

•         Isn’t the body a qabalistic soul?

Yes, it is called the G’uph. I read this if the reading calls for it or if something I see leads me there. I do not include it in the above because it is not my main focus.

•         Can you teach me how to do this?

Not at the moment. However, I am writing a book called the Manifestation Meditation. Doing that meditation caused me to have this ability. I have no idea if it will do that for others.

•         How long is a soul reading?

Usually forty-five minutes to an hour

•         How do you communicate your findings?

Most readings are done face-to-face using Google+ or Skype. Occasionally, I will consent to a cell phone. Normally, after an initial meeting on visual, I close my eyes in order to ‘see’. You can mute your microphone so I get no verbal clues.

•         Can I ask questions?

No and yes. No you cannot ask me to read a specific issue but try anyway, I may consent. Usually, I just read the soul. After I finish and while I am still seeing you can ask anything you like about what I see.

•         If it doesn’t work, can I get my money back?

No. If it doesn’t work it is because you don’t want it to. My time is valuable.

•         How much are the readings?

$150 they normally last an hour.

Reference Letter from Julian (If you use the email button and ask to contact Julian directly, I will give you his email address)

I did a soul reading with Robert. Robert has a long history as a ceremonial magician; this is important because he draws upon this in his soul readings, and uses a kind of streamlined version of the techniques he has learned to delve deeply into a person's inner history. Because so much their value flows from an unstructured condensation of these years of hard-won experience, they are difficult to summarize; but here is my attempt.

Some people may just be hostile to the idea of occult insight, of a person undertaking the Great Work and drawing closer to the Divine to increase their intuition and wisdom. If you are seriously skeptical of all things occult then I'm not sure what to tell you; Robert comes from an occult background and accepting & capitalizing on that is part of the deal. In a few words, you are paying for an in-depth consultation from an experienced occultists who has the right chops and has done the fieldwork to prove it. Here is how I justified the purchase to myself before doing it - a purchase which, I should say, was more than worth it to me. 

It's one thing to write a rambling book, or take up a 30-minute practice for a few weeks; it's something else entirely to plug away, year in, year out, after the fads have moved on and the crowd has moved on to the next shiny thing, and persist in a practice for decades. Robert has 20 years of this under his belt; that is what he has to offer - that is what makes him unique. He has simply done the work. It's even more impressive when you consider that, for most of that time, he was not part of a paid publishing or speaking network that supported him in this; he did it because he was honestly curious and motivated enough to attempt this on his own. There was no pot of gold at the end of the month to keep him going, no praise from readers to convince him to put something out there even if he wasn't entirely convinced himself; he was exposed to the same materials everyone else was but, uncommonly, he worked through them. Robert is the guy in class who may not have stood out for any particular quality, who got to the top simply by working his ass off. That's his selling point: he worked harder for less than all of his classmates, and now that he's been doing that for years, you can be the beneficiary.

It's like the difference between a musician who has the right look and sound for the moment, vs. somebody who's been honing his technique in small bars and among music teachers for the past 20 years. The second guy may not fit your preconceived idea of what a musician is, but image is not important; doing the work is. In occult work especially, your ability is tied to how many hours you put into it. Robert, first and foremost, has been about the hours. He has done the opposite of pursuing glamour, in its negative sense. He has worked, and worked, and worked - and finding people who have done that as occultists is rare indeed. In my own case I like to reward people who work in this field that fascinates me (if only to encourage further work), and Robert certainly fits that bill.

Because of that, Robert's readings don't really fall into traditional categories. He brings all those years he's spent skrying, reading tarot, learning traditional techniques, etc., into his readings. He uses his map of the inner person and then progressively works through it, using his trained senses to study a person and then comment on them. He talks to you as he's going through it, and then you can offer feedback as necessary. 

One way his great strength as a practitioner comes across is that, with many readers, they may convey messages, but they come across as a little abstract and unfelt - an intelligence behind them may be spot-on, but the medium is missing a lot. Robert, as a medium, gets more. He understands the links between the images he sees and their meaning in a very lived-in, direct way, and that translates into more accurate, extensive readings. Where other readers might offer a line or two that might stun you with their truth but then stop abruptly, Robert keeps going, because he's done the inner work that allows him to make connections other readers can't process - and then he adds more that even the very good ones would miss. 

I've had several readings done over the years; if I were to describe their deficiencies, I would say that some were too one-sided (usually too rosy), while others were too second-hand - an interpretation of an interpretation. Robert excels in capturing the whole person, in being neither too sunshiny nor too grim, and in giving you a perspective that seems genuinely fresh and whole. His readings (again, I think this also comes from experience) touch upon high spiritual concepts but still stay close and low to the ground in terms of actual experiences in your past that you can laser in on as being the source of the things he identifies. In my case he brought up things that I hadn't thought about in years, things that were obviously problematic, things that, once I thought about them, seemed to clearly be exerting an influence now (because just waiting a few years isn't enough to fix some issues, when you know even when they are happening that you are going to have to go back and fix them later). After making me aware of patterns and habits I wasn't aware I was holding on to and bringing them up into the light, I was able to begin the slow process of reforming them. It's not quite the fairy tale of having everything fall into place immediately, but it feels very real, very genuine, and like the way forward.  What I want from a soul reading is an accurate picture of who I am now, and what I need to do to improve and become the person I want to be; and on this front, Robert delivers. I would highly recommend it to anyone. 

Julian (April 16, 2011)


Yvonne said...

What will be most interesting to see is what kinds of people and their issues are drawn to you. Souls call to souls. Obviously this is a teach/learn situation.

I am very happy that you are in this place.

One thing that I would insist on if I were you is that you record in one way or another every single reading that you do. You will see the benefit of this in time.

When you advertise this, please emphasize that this is a UNIQUE practice. you see how this is a blessing and an offering of compassion to others? It is a form of healing!

Robert said...

Yes and often spontaneous healings do take place or people understand how to heal themselves. It is for this reason that I offer the service. I would offer it for free but it is quite taxing and time consuming. A free service would take over my life in, what I feel, would be a negative way.

I do feel a bit of guilt charging but I also think I must.

gareth said...
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Christian said...

So what scientific evidence do you have for a soul? Evidence that can be verified in a lab, or that has been published in a major scientific journal will do.

Robert said...

Christian, a man who is so sure of his position would not need to seek out a blog such as mine to challenge. He would be content within himself and find that such mischief was not necessary. Your question, is really a plea for self discovery. I suggest you begin or continue your personal journey into such things and discover what proof you may find. Beginning books on Buddhism are an excellent place to start.