Monday, April 28, 2008

Sticker Spirits Part II

Before speaking about what happened when I worked to get rid of the stickers, I thought I'd write a little about what I thought about in dealing with them.

I asked them if I could use them against other spirits, their answer was no. They said that the other spirits could see them and they do well by not being seen. This is the second 'spirit' I have encountered that works by not being seen. In fact, it may just be the same one.

Since they looked like seed pods, a friend said that I could charge them with a seed of thought and throw them at someone else like darts to get them to do what I want. My problem there, aside from various ethical issues, is that I have no idea what I'd want from another in such a manner.

If these things are seed pods that haven't resulted in a plant, why not? Do I do so much energy work that they can stick in my aura but not grow?

My gal suggested that these things irritate you in physical life. They may do the same in non-mundane ways to prevent one from reaching one's goals.

The final thing was that if they feed on energy and, in my early days, I was better at raising energy than banishing, I may have been a bug smörgåsbord.

So, I sat down, focussed and looked for the little buggers. I have a technique for getting rid of astral bugs a friend told me about. I would share it here but I've been sworn to secrecy. I did that for a while but with all these things it would have taken a while. So, I asked my HGA and he said to do a middle pillar exercise and in the process will them out of my aura. I did so and directed their flight to a wooden fence across the street from my home and sealed them against it with a symbol.

I then sat down and picked off the left overs using the aforementioned method. Others I pulled off and just threw against the fence. Some of them, split open when the left my sacred space and some sort of bipedal creature ran off in a hurry. I have no idea what those were.

When I had done as much as I could do my HGA stepped in and sealed my aura. At least that is what he said he did. Frankly, I didn't feel like he did anything.

There will be more work to do here. I don't think I got them all.

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