Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday Dreams and Commentary

Wednesday's dreams were not remembered, with the exception of something to do with me typing on a typewriter. Typewriters, as a form of communication, have something to do with air and Mercury. These, in turn, are related to the kerub of air (obviously) that I have been placing within the blue-black ball and Wednesday respectively.

The fiery gals from the previous night's dream may be reflective of my state of awareness of fire. I am aware of my fire issues but are relatively bored with them at the moment.

I am curious why these earthquakes in Nevada are not causing me to act. For those of you unaware, a small town near Reno -- Mogul, Nevada -- is experiences very unusual seismic activity. Earthquakes are occurring there at the rate of 50 a day and increasing in magnitude. Science has never seen anything like that and can not offer explanations or predictions. If I lived in Reno or this small town, I'd have left. Something is amiss.

If these earthquakes continue at this rate, a huge disaster is in the offing. Since no one can predict the scope of said disaster, it would seem prudent to have some water, foodstuffs and cash on hand. I am doing none of that. Am I in denial or am I just aware that it is very unlikely that a series of earthquakes is extraordinarily unlikely to build to the point that effects myself or transportation of goods and services and/or the economy?

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