Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday Dreams

I dreamed I was in the house in I grew up in after 1976. There was a ladder in the living room and the lights were off. It was in the night time hours. I was meditating. I heard someone come in or thought I knew someone came in. When I finished meditating. I quietly moved to the family room and saw a shape. I yelled and screamed "What are you doing in my house!?!?!" I recognized the figure but continued to yell. Finally, she said, "I know it is you. Don't try to scare me anymore" or words to that effect. It was my friend P. She informed me that she didn't think my boss K would speak to her anymore. (They don't know each other in real life). I asked why. I didn't get much of an answer.
I ordered a pizza. My wallet was on an upper step of the ladder.
I was speaking to my coworker M about some books I may wish him to read as he does 'the work'. I heard cars moving in the very dark. I asked, "Don't they sound like they are are going too fast?" at the same time I realized they were the wind.
I woke up a bit scared.

I have noticed that I remember my dreams better. I am definitely remembering more dreams than ever before. I never used to remember a dream a night.

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