Saturday, April 26, 2008

Emergency Broadcast System

Last night while listening to a Dodger baseball game, the Emergency Broadcast System came on with a series of beeps and then reverted back to the game. There was no announcement of an emergency or that this had been a test. I told my gal that the last time I heard that was September 10th. On that night, I thought that was really strange and it was a signal of something bad to come. I suppose an EBS activation that isn't a test means something bad is about to be revealed so the emotional thought wasn't anything psychic. The next day, of course, I woke up the news of the WTC attack. I no sooner relay this information to my gal and go off to send an email to my father about it, when she tells me the announcers start spontaneously talking of September 11.

Not being an believer in meaningless coincidence, I am wondering if this is a harbinger of disaster, either for the country, a local area or myself. I am not one to focus on something enough to create a self-fulfilling prophecy but I do want to record it just in case.

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