Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dream Diary for the Night of April 11, 2008

I was in some soft of family court. A woman was divorcing my girlfriend. I am not sure what the ‘divorce’ was about because the two were not in a romantic relationship and she had a husband.

The was some dispute over what was said at some point. The opposing counsel had tape of a conversation between my girlfriend and the woman. At the critical point in the tape, it became scratchy and hard to hear. The tape was deliberately damaged so the critical part could not be heard. The attorney then stated the alleged event did not happen because there was no proof it happened.

I was on the stand suddenly and tried to cross-examine the attorney. The judge wouldn’t let me.

My girlfriend’s attorney was an attorney I had in the past that I feel was very incompetent. “T” didn’t do much in the courtroom.

There was a discussion outside the courtroom that was more of an argument. The impression I had from the girl was that she had no idea how damaging this was to other people and she felt a bit confused by the amount of hurt expressed.

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