Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nape Meditation

There is no good word to describe the meditation that I started yesterday. So, Nape Meditation it is. I did this at work after eating lunch. Having taken lunch to work, there was plenty of time. My mind wandered a lot but I kept bringing it back. This is not an easy meditation to do.

I had a strong flash of parking lot I use and the building that adjoins. I saw a red car in next to the building quite clearly. At one point, I focussed on the windows and it is as if someone turned all the lights on in the building.

When the meditation was over, I had to take several minutes to pull myself out. About ten minutes later, I thought it a good idea to check to see if the red car was there. It was! It was further out from the building than it appeared in my vision. The car was distinct because it was a late model but the hub cabs were all missing. I checked and there was not an official sticker on it. I would think I'd have noticed all four hubcaps missing from a car I saw regularly. The lack of a sticker says it isn't likely something I pass every day.

Later in the day, I had major ego fantasies about being able to heal the world. Complete b.s. but is not all that uncommon for the ego to flare when you hit a new 'high point'.

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