Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Stavish Meditation

I spoke my HGA words to begin.

The meditation began with sun and moon properly aligning with the inverted triangle at the third eye. Their light formed a beam that descended to my feet causing me to to expel waste. The light expanded to fill my body by moving from that center line and moving left and right at the same time.

Note: It just occurred to me that my body looks two dimensional when the light fills me rather than three dimensional.

I immediately saw three lines configured like a pie chart that was divided into equal thirds. I immediately knew this was moon, sun (lower left and right) and myself forming the third portion at the top. The moon reflected a red light as if a laser pointer struck it dead center while the orb shrunk to the size of an eye. It was intimidating -- a red glowing eye. I moved toward the eye and through it with trepidation. I vibrated appropriate lunar names of power and a lunar temple was revealed. I saw myself dancing poorly making all sorts of gyrations. I thought, "This is my not understanding what I am doing when it comes to the moon." I taught myself by telling my dancing body to become calm and reflective. A door opened just outside the lunar temple. I moved towards it. The door was cave-like and led to three more caves. Again, I felt trepidation. Some beast charged up from the depths and I retreated all they back to the pie chart lines and gave a sealing sign.

After quickly regaining composure, I descended again to the mouth of the caves and vibrated a god-name associated with Teth and moved into the cave. I was confronted by a tiger. I vibrated the name again and walked past the beast. He turned on me as if to attack from behind. I grabbed his collar (yes, I know, where did that come from) and had him walk beside me. At one point I tried riding him but was knocked off by the low ceiling of the cave. He ended up leading me down narrow tunnels until I reached a huge cavern full of beautiful things. I do not know how I knew they were beautiful. I could not see. I ascended back up the caves with the tiger as a guide.

I then went to the myself third of the pie and experienced a sort of peace but again I could not see. I was told I am being exposed to a new part of myself slowly. As I backed up, I saw jagged rocks that were reflective, hematite. In the reflection, I could see the solar island from the last meditation.

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