Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stavish Meditation Progress?

I am not sure if I mentioned this in the notes from my last meditation but the last time the sun and moon appeared faintly and with a greenish tinge. This meditation started out the same way. So, I backed up and focussed on my breathing. I took slow deep breaths and concentrated on the air moving in and out of my lungs. This helped.
The sun and moon were a little faint but nonetheless were in their proper places. The sun looked like those Mexican influenced ceramic wall hangers that can be bought at various garden centers. However, as soon as I saw those planetary images the sun moved wildly in an arc as if it was attached to a long spring, which in turn, was attached to my right shoulder. I focussed until the sun stopped and the moon immediately began behaving the same way, with the exception of its fulcrum being on my left. I attached their 'light' to my third eye and the inverted triangle called for by the meditation and they locked in nicely. They needed that third point. They still wavered a bit but now the springs were anchored upon my brow.

I focussed on a golden and white light from the sun and moon respectively. These combined in me to form a washed out amber in the beginning. But the color darkened considerably as the light filled my body. Usually, the light in this meditation moves from the head to the feet. This time, I thin string of light when straight to my feet. The light moved like water filling a pitcher from bottom to top. I do not want to create the impression the light was 'watery' in the least. Every muscle in my body relaxed when the light reached my head.

As soon as this was accomplished I saw a row boat with a man standing in the bow. The boat moved away. This is standard imagery for a journey to the moon temple with the exception I was not in the boat. The visual was one of being towed behind a row boat that was moving without oars over calm waters. I awaited landing on an island of the moon. Instead, we bypassed the moon island I am used to, though I do not recall ever seeing that bit of land, and appeared on an island of the sun. I had never experienced this before.

I received a brief image of two children playing as if on the sun card on the tarot before I found myself in the center of this small island. A column of light wider than a man descended before me or over me. I rose up through this light a short way before I saw a man-like figure above me. I assumed this to be Michael. The problem was he was pure white, not the red I'd expect of Michael. Metatron? I placed his name before him in Hebrew and he glowed with power. I placed the banner of the east before him and he glowed even brighter. I vibrated EHEIEH, the god name of Keter, and he puffed his chest. I had the impression of a swagger but he never moved. I am not sure how one can swagger while remaining stationary but this being did it. (Note: Anything that smacks of ego is suspect in my book. A swaggering angel just may be a more subtle form of that then I am accustomed.).

He told me that I wasn't being as consistent as the sun in my approach to lucid dreaming. I must get up immediately and record and my dreams. I am missing vital clues. He then went on to berate me a bit about being satisfied with my HGA experience. That is a marker he said. You seek even more than that. You seek to follow the Lord Your God [yet he gestured or did something to dismiss the idea of the Christian connotation of that statement]. Let me just end this by saying, if that was Metatron and not my ego, I am a little awestruck by the hubris of anyone attempting to follow those instructions. Which, by the way, were not instructions at the time but somehow feel now as if they were. They were instructions of an emotion that I have already forgotten. Even though, at this moment, I feel as if part of my brain is sun burned.

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