Wednesday, April 9, 2008

dreams 3 (unedited it is late)

Dreams Dreams well now this was interesting.

During my meditation posted just prior to this my HGA had given me some words of power to use when I want to will something to happen. I used them them to create a lucid dream.

I dreamed I was walking down a hallway in my home, only it wasn't mine. I did a planned experiment from a lucid dreaming book I was reading before I found Between the Gates. I hopped. I didn't fall back to Earth. In fact, I could feel myself being lifted to the ceiling by a pair of very strong hands. I said, "I know I am not dreaming because...I am not dreaming and I am floating" obviously I had things backwards. When the hands put me down I turned and was face to face with something I immediately thought was Bune, a being of the Goetia. Bune was brightly lit.
We moved in the living room of the building in front of a window. Below, I could see people. It was as if the house was above everyone else. I said, "Lets move away from the window so we don't disturb the neighbors."
He looked out the window, appeared to wonder why anyone would care and moved away from the window.
"Is there a hell?" I asked.
"Let's see what these books say..." he said as we turned to a book shelf.'
"They say there is a hell," I said.
"Yes," He said, "full of creatures of light." He then made an expression as if to say look at me.

On his head was a cone and upon the cone was electric lighting like neon tubes only they were whiter than an neon. The tubes were bent into the shape of a huge star structure, like one may find over an old movie theater from the fifties. He wore of corsage of the same light.

He kept moving too close to me for my comfort and I asked him to back up. He didn't comply so I very sternly said to back up. His facial expression turned to anger/annoyance for a brief instant. I felt fear. I said, "Look can you just become less bright until I get used to this. I still want to see you but can you just tone it down a little?"
He faded out. I heard him say, "I forgot what I was going to say" and the dream ended with me awake.
I don't count this as a lucid dream but it was close.

(Comment: I thought more about this today. The reason I didn't count it as a lucid dream is because I didn't consciously make any decisions. I simply reacted to the stimulus. Then I wondered. How many times a day do I simply react to stimulus without making a conscious decision? Often but I consider myself conscious or lucid. Maybe the mystics are right, this life is a dream too.)

I had also dreamt that I was in a Home Depot type store where I saw someone that looked a great deal like Joseph my coworker. He had some sort of transaction with a clerk, got mad and was as complaining. He moved off to file some sort of formal complaint with the store. I walked outside, thought better of it and returned. I told him that he had a problem, the clerk may have made a mistake but it didn't deserve the level of anger he was expressubg. I told him that I wished someone had talked to me about my anger issues years ago. He didn't take my advice. As I left he said, " I don't have the problem he thinks I have."

Comment: Again, I am both characters in this dream

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