Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Am I Blogging?

Magick is a verb. While I enjoy many a newsgroup post about those intellectual souls that study every nuance of magick and occultism and can tell you exactly what happened in 1632, I am not a scholar. I do not pretend to be. I am a magician. This blog is about doing magick.

The reader will learn what worked for me and what didn't; see my wisdom and folly; and read about dreams and acts of will. I expect to embarrass myself and make myself proud. I intend to post the most painfully embarrassing parts of being a human and a magician. I have found that the more personal something is, the more universally understood the experience. I am determined to laugh at myself with you in the hopes that you will lift you nose out of some dusty book, pick up cup and wand and make your own magick. If not, I hope you are entertained.

Readers may also determine for themselves that I do magick well or poorly, with good or ill intent, from a place of extreme knowledge or ignorance or, alas, that I am simply a bone head. Hence, I chose the nom de plume of Frater BH, Bone Head.

I plan to keep this blog anonymous for as long as I can. Hence, I will not delve too deeply into my magickal background until it becomes painfully pertinent to the topic at hand as the magickal community is quite small. I will say that I have tried more than one path and found that of modern ceremonial magick to be best suited to my work. I also do Goetia and plan on doing Theurgia Goetia. I have had knowledge and conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel.

I invite you to take a peak at the workings of a modern magician and enjoy the ride with me.

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