Friday, April 11, 2008

Between the Worlds 4

Unlike last night, the sun and moon appeared in their proper locations. I immediately wondered if last night I worked during the void course of the moon. (Note: this turned out to be correct. The moon entered cancer at 9:43 which would have been towards the very end of my meditation.) The appropriate light filled my body and there was less dross to expel through my ‘lower openings.’ During, yesterdays there was a lot of dross to expel. I wonder if this was due to the void course? Could this be why void courses are to be avoided? Are our wastes accumulating and being discharged?

I felt as if I entered a state of deep meditation easily. In fact, all of my meditations have been from a deeper place, even last night’s wild ride.

I became momentarily distracted by a sexy witch-type person but it was a lower form of sexy. A sexy born of someone unable to look up. Several other images of people entered my space. One young man was obviously in charge. He reminded me of a person I know locally as part of the pagan/magickal community. I focused on these images and wondered why I saw them. Then I remembered a passage from a book I am currently reading, Huston Smith, The World's Religions, in which the concept of watching yourself from afar was discussed. I did this.

I felt an astral projection-like pull but nothing really materialized. But I immediately ‘gave’ birth to a white baby. I do not mean white as in race but a glowing white baby wrapped in white cloth. The baby was being held by a dark fellow sitting opposite me. I almost feared him until I realized he was me.

I found myself split up and tired to assign elemental attributions to my bodies. I am not sure of the original pattern but it ended up that a ‘young adult’ form was in the east dressed in red, the Hierophant. A dark emotional man was in the west, a fearsome Hiereus. My HGA sat in the South (Fire). And in the west was a babe, a newly manifesting me.

At points that person that was watching from a distance would comment upon the depth of the meditation or notice something in particular but in no way interfered.

I am impressed with this meditation. I frequently checked for the sun and moon and they were always there in perfect form. I could even see them from the ‘other’ vantage point. I seem to be making some sort of progress with my ability to meditate.

I have come to the point on Stavish’s book where he describes techniques to learn lucid dreaming. As much as I want to start on that, I promised myself that I wouldn’t until I had two weeks of the sun and moon meditation. I never had this sort of discipline before but I do now.

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Brother Red said...

Very interesting imagery. In the GD, the East is Air, right? I wonder if that's a personality description of the new you, i.e. more scientific intellectual, or something "swordsey" from the tarot. Ace of Swords in the East.

It might be indicative of your efforts of astral travel instead, representing that you're going into a period where you'll be a "Spirit of the Air" traveling through the spheres. Neat stuff. This is the kind of anecdote people need to read to figure out that they aren't the only ones experiencing this shit. ;)