Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stavish Meditation Thursday Night

I embarked upon the Stavish meditation but first I used the words my HGA gave as a preamble.

In the meditation, the sun is supposed to be on the right and the moon on the left. They appeared on the wrong sides. So, I moved them. I could see them clearly traveling from one place to the next but on the way the turned into the triple goddess symbol and then separated to their proper positions. Suddenly, they slammed into each other, the sun and moon conjoined.

Immediately, I saw a green goddess. She was dressed in some middle eastern style and started to dance. I remembered an old song from my youth about nobody breathing for the dancer. So, I breathed and watched.

The image turned into a snake, a cobra I think, biting me on each breast. It would weave from side to side and bite. I had no fear. The snaked turned into a bundle of long dry grass and I was being hit with it on each breast in some sort of African initiation rite of some kind. I was black. Then I turned into a black child of Africa and back into a young adult male. They were cutting into my mouth, doing surgery or some other rite. There was lots of blood. They put some sort of needles through my lips.

All these are the same, I heard.

I saw images of sex, naked people in a swimming pool alive but motionless, group sex, a glimpse of a breast, image after image of sexual things.

These people all seek the same things but they trap the thing in material form, I heard.

Daath opened up like it was hollow and a crow landed in the hollowed out spot and shat down my neck. I let the vile stuff pass through. He flew out and ate some bugs and shat again. I let it pass through. I realized the crow was my Nephesch. There was no fear but some revulsion.

From here the images moved from nightmare to nightmare but I was not afraid. Upon realizing this, Daath opened again. It felt like a muscle suddenly relaxing that you didn’t know was tense. A shell fell off my body. Was this the shell of an old me?

Still more images came, vicious beasts and dogs came at me one after another. There was no fear. An old old goddess like Hecate with coins over her eyes, fearsome cackling old crone. No fear. Image after image came and there was no fear.

Then I flew past the pyramids (an astral tourist trap) and between two rows of the Egyptian Ram-headed god. I saw ancient priests of Egypt, of Africa, tribal priests, shamans. Then a contemporary woman in a stadium appeared with her young child.

All these are the same, I heard.

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