Friday, January 19, 2018

A Lesser Key Spirit Amuses

I seem to have the blogging bug again. The problem is the nature of my work at this time feels
unpublishable. I do not want to reveal the magick that I am doing. In fact, the magick screams ͞No!͟ at
the idea of blogging about it. I do not want to teach via a blog. So today, I am going to share an amusing story.

I conjured one of the Lesser Key spirits the other day. To an outside observer, my method is simply
looking at the seal of said spirit. It is a bit more complicated than that. I asked the daemon for a bit of
information. That night, I had a dream involving the spirit. He arrived by appearing in the back of a closet and walking out in a spectral form that became more solid as the dream progressed. We ended up outdoors playing catch with a piece of crumpled up paper. He and I could throw it with the force of a baseball but could catch it just like paper crushed into a ball shape. I actually had fun.

Upon awakening, I thought of the spirit and found the dream was interesting. I called him again. I asked,
“Was there a message on that paper?”
Spirit: “Yes.”
Myself: “Why didn’t you just hand it to me like a regular note?”
Spirit: “I did not want to get too close to you and scare you.”
Myself: “Thank you. Perhaps next time you could just tell me to open up the paper. When I am dreaming I am not always awake enough to notice things like that.”
Spirit: “Most of the time, you are not awake when you are awake!”

I have found all the Lesser Key spirits to have a good sense of humor.

The one magickal thing I will point out is is that the outdoor area was the courtyard of an apartment
complex. Before we went outdoors to play catch, he said that he liked where he lived. He could see five moons. Outside, a lampost that had four white globe lights glowing bright. A little way down the
sidewalk there was another with just a single globe lamp. He mistook these for moons.

This is a common thing with Lesser Key spirits. They mistake light sources. This should give one a clue as to their nature. It may also lead to thoughts on the nature of light which, on the astral, conceals as much as it illuminates.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Element of Spirit

Of late, I have been working with the element of spirit. This is the prima materia of the alchemists. I have learned a few things in working with it.

The first was that I have been seeing it forever. I simply did not know what I was seeing. The people I asked either did not know or my description was not sufficient for them to understand what I was talking about.

The second is that when elemental spirit comes into contact with humans it burns. When I was starting my path I described this to others as “moon burn”. It would hit me during full moons and be very uncomfortable when it was strong. When I described this burning sensation people thought I was a nuts.  Later, I attributed this to my fiery nature. Wrong. The fire element feels quite different.

Third, if enough of the element can be gathered on the astral it makes things on this plane very hard to look at. One instinctually turns away. This is why so many people can do magick quite well but rail against theurgy. Contact with spirit appears to be an instinctual fear. This is also why people deny their obvious errors. Behind the error, spirit lives. So, not only do people have to face themselves, a hard enough task, but risk seeing spirit behind the veil. This they know only unconsciously but that is enough.

I have the courage to work with spirit. I am working to gather enough to clothe myself in the element. It burns like you would not believe. I love it.