Services Offered

Pain Relief, Insomnia, or Soul Reading (scroll down)
Note: I am not a doctor and have no medical training whatsoever.

Pain Relief (contact me)

This is a practice that combines Reiki (2nd level), qabalistic knowledge and my ability to see things at the soul and subtle body level. Normally, I can see the energy of the pain and remove it for temporary relief. Such relief can be provided for chronic illnesses with physiological causes, such as diabetic neuropathy, muscle pain, fibermyalgia and the like.

I have relieved pain from very severe chronic illnesses.

Rates: $40 per session
(See Guarantee below)

Insomnia (contact me)

Get professional treatment for chronic problems but if you're going through a rough time and having difficulty sleeping, I can knock you out without drugs.

Rate: $40 dollars the first time/$30 thereafter
(See Guarantee below)

Emotional Healing:

I can make you feel better in the short term and usually in the long term as well.

Rate: $50 dollars the first time/subsequent sessions will be quoted a rate.
(See Guarantee below)

Other Items Not Mentioned Here (contact me)

Contact me and we will discuss the matter.


I am not available for every emergency. However, I will respond to your email as soon as I can. I am available more often that not. I prefer using Google+ or Skype. Video feeds are helpful.


Any session above is guaranteed. A refund can be requested for any session but once a subsequent session is scheduled it is assumed the prior session was acceptable. Refunds for the recent session only. Refunds will be less PayPals transaction fee in both directions. PayPal will take their cut, I will make nothing.

Soul Readings (contact me)

These are discussed fully on this page and done by appointment. Rates are $150. They usually last one hour.

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