Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Failure and Editing

One of my first posts declared the blog would be anonymous. This lasted until the second post, when I had to ask someone that told me something in confidence, if he was comfortable with what I was about to write. Once one person knew, I told another. I figured out I really don't care who knows it is me but I do care about one person getting this much detail. So, I will simply let things be and see what happens.

I also said early on that I'd post everything no matter the level of embarrassment. I bailed on that one too. My dream post didn't include a part the instructor telling us how not to get our man parts shot off. Basically, he was saying to lay on our backs but this didn't make sense with the rest of his instruction. In real life, I'd have called him on it. In the dream, I did not.

So, why should I be embarrassed by that? I have no idea but I was and I edited it. Though, I posted it here. I guess I am back on track.

Not quite.

I remembered that there are a couple of things I can not post directly about. One has to do with the instructions received from my HGA and the magick I am doing to make that happen. That is sealed for now but I will post right up to the limit until such time as I can post freely. The second is that as part of a group, there are certain things I can not blog about. Oh well.

I still feel that this will be one of the most open blogs you'll read about a magician doing the Work. Time will tell.

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