Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Random Thought

About a year ago, my back went out for about three weeks. I didn't show up for work the entire time. I feared for my job. During that time, My Gal bought one of those inexpensive Yahoo games. I played it a lot. After returning to work, I played the game again and felt fear. 

A couple of years ago, I took a meditation class. I took my first walking meditation and felt my perception of reality shift. Ninety-eight percent of my brain was entirely convinced I could walk through the walls. The two percent kept me from trying.

I have been working on adding short spells of meditation to my day. On my way to my car last night, I tried a walking meditation and flashed back to that memory of thinking I could walk through a wall immediately. 

Imprinting takes place fast. 

Yet, how much garbage to we allow in our minds? How many times do we allow ourselves to be entrapped by some graphic violence in the name of entertainment? How often do we allow one negative experience to leave an imprint that leads to emotional reactions all out of proportion to the current event but perhaps entirely appropriate to the original event? 

Can this type of imprint be erased? 

Next Topic

In an addendum to last night's post about feeling dead. At about 9:30 PM, things changed. I felt spiritual, peaceful and connected.  My Gal tells me that there is some odd astrological thing going on this week with Venus, Luna and Mars. Though, no timing I could find would convince me anything special happened at 9:30 Fresno time to change my perception of the universe. 

The feeling was so distinct that I wonder if this had something to do with asking Gabriel for an initiation into being right with time.  It is really too early to tell. I am just dutifully recording perceptions.


The email I reported here from John Michael Greer has become more interesting. John graciously and politely responds to my emails to him but he has never initiated an email to myself. It turns out, he didn't this time either. Circumstances conspired to let that one land in my inbox. It perfectly corresponds to both dreams reported in the post already linked. This may lead to something interesting. Sorry about being vague here. Sometimes, I have to record things just for myself. This isn't gravely personnel. I simply have no right to make some things public.

Worms and Fishes

Today, I did my offerings at work. The green winged worms appeared this time but there were fewer of them. I must say things at work have been more pleasant this week and I've communicated more on an emotional level. The red fish was there as well. It behaved just like a fish. It saw food, snapped it up and floated away. This is very analogous of my frustration at work. So, all of this could be, and likely is, internal. Yet, who cares? If it helps at work, I will be happy to be a bit delusional. 



Lavanah said...

Re, the question: can such imprinting be erased? Yes, but it is hard work, and the stronger the imprint, the harder it is to erased entirely. (and keep in mind, that the original event that cause the imprinting is part of you, it is your reaction that you want to change.) It's like an etch-a-sketch (do they still make those?) It is easy enough to erase the new drawings or the lightly created drawings, but the heavily reinforced lines, no matter how much shaking up you do, can be faintly perceived through the new drawing.

Unknown said...

>>Can this type of imprint be erased?

It requires a totally thorough clearing/cleansing. Some people think that just because the material form no longer has the symptoms or even the cause of a problem, that it is no longer there. The spot that would be of interest in this case is called by thelemites as 'true will'.

Where you are in your life now is dependent upon your true will. Problems that remain, including fear imprints, are still within the true will and haven't had the right kind of clearing/cleansing. This removal isn't the same as forgetting totally. Just the disruption of the 'structure/pathway' that the memory is using all the way down through the levels of reality to manifest materially.

The true will is not the same thing as your higher self on the HGA level.

Scott Stenwick said...

Conditioning loops are difficult to erase, though neuroscientists are working on a drug now that seems to do it, at least in rats. The eventual idea is to use it to treat people with problems like PTSD that stem from negative conditioning loops that have been so deeply implanted that they can take over a person's life.

Fortunately simple ones are easy to modify if you study behavioral psychology. What you need to do is to enact the behavior or situation where the original loop is activated and then apply some sort of positive reinforcement. For a stronger loop you will need to repeat the reinforcement a number of times.

The trick is that for a given stimulus the mind will amalgamate together the emotional content of the response. So by encountering the stimulus and adding a positive reinforcer you in effect "dilute" the previous negative association. Do it enough times and the negative response will be replaced.