Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Lessons I've Learned

I've recently learned a lesson and I've been thinking about the most important lessons I've learned during my magickal career. I'm not sure I have them all but I thought I'd share what comes to mind as I type. These are more in a temporal order than of importance.


It depends what the meaning of is is. If you and I interact, my is isn't your is and neither perception IS. Events happen. They are. There is an inherent isness to them. How we react is how we react, that is us. If a person creates a situation, that is them but as soon as we interact, the situation is an is our reaction is us. Owning the situation is not helpful. 

Magick Reveals the Spirit around us. 

That one needs no explanation but there is a subtext.  There was the gift of Joe. Joe taught me something about magick and told me to keep it between us. So, I can not reveal that secret, even though I have heard it from others since. Utilizing that secret has taught me much but the seed that began that part of my learning process, was planted by Joe. For this I am grateful. I see this an extension of my first thought after allowing myself to think magick may exist, "If this is true, I can learn if God exists." Joe's gift allowed me to find a smaller god within. 


I read Jason's book, Protection and Reversal Magick. Reading a book by someone you haven't met is a bit of a game of trust. You have no idea if this person knows and writes or just writes. Also, I learn by the spoken word much better than the written. Jason spoke of offerings. Since then, I have made humble little offerings regularly. There is no explaining how good that makes me feel. 

Tonight, I did my version of the LBRP. I know someone really came up with this before I but now I own it as what I do as part of my practice. I've changed the pents so that each quarter contains the banishing pentagram of that element, rather than the earth banishing pentagrams beginners use. I also 'dump' all of the element within through the pentagram as I vibrate. When I am done, I feel peaceful. I do the same with the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram only I dump the energy of each element by pulling it from my aura rather than within. This makes me feel clean. 

More often than not, I draw the active and passive pentagrams of spirit over the altar, rend the veil and declare that I am invoking spirit. Tonight, I did not do that. 

I sat and meditated, poorly. I simply wasn't doing a good job until I felt an awareness shift. I felt myself feeling peace. I then meditated on constantly giving that way. I gave it to My Gal. I gave it to my mentor. I gave it to all my ex coven mates. I was a bit surprised by who could not take it. I gave it to friends. I gave it to coworkers. I gave it to folks I like. I gave to folks I don't like. I gave it to anyone whose name or image would come to mind. 

The process was reminiscent of an Buddhist inspired exercise of the OSOGD. I finally got what they are trying to teach through that exercise. Frankly, I like my efforts better but now I understand. 

Give love away. The supply is inexhaustible. 

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