Saturday, April 11, 2009

Never Meet Internet Friends

It always turns out to be a disappointment. They aren't like you pictured them and it turns out you really don't like them much. Things become awkward. On the other hand, if you have a chance to meet Jason, do so. He's the bomb.

Since my guest room is occupied, we gave up the bed for Jason and we slept on an air mattress in the temple room. I have always wanted to sleep in my temple room and never did. Well, now I've done it with no effect.

Though, I did have an unusual dream. It seemed like half the world came to spend the night in the temple with me. There were lots of people I knew in the dream but few I knew in real life. My Gal and my mentor appeared. I rarely encounter them in dreams. Jason appeared as well. Jason had told a  young lady something. I couldn't figure why anyone would have a problem with what he said. Maybe because I didn't it. He said something like "When I do things, I am (or it is) or (it is missing) 20%" My mentor, yelled at Jason. I've never seen my mentor yell. That isn't his form of behavior when he is angry. Jason, who was going to sleep at the time never moved. My mentor pulled me aside to talk and repeated what Jason had said. I still didn't understand the problem. 

Later, as everyone was milling around where Jason's talk was to be given, sirens blared and a bunch of private security company cars came into the driveway. They were lost, given directions and left.

Still later, I was driving with my mentor and he pointed out a house with a kitchen window that was very high upon a hill. The architecture was unusual and, if for some reason one crawled out of the kitchen window, dangerous. He said, "I hate it when they build kitchen windows like that." Hate is another word that I've never heard him use.  

The dream also involved a  couple of off-stage dogs and ferrets. We all know the meaning behind those!

Several unusual things are outside of my dream pattern: My mentor and My Gal in my dreams at all, much less at the same time, a crowd of people, very unusual behavior for my mentor.

My interpretation was that something Jason would have to say was outside the ability of at least one person in the group to handle. As I was typing most of this post Saturday morning, Jason awoke and entered my office. He said something very similar. I recall at this early hour what his exact words were but I have a policy. If I hear the same thing from two sources that have not spoken to each other, I listen. But what am I going to do? I can't stop the man from speaking about something when I don't know what he is going to say. Later in the morning, he talked about doing an voodoo invocation. That was it! No voodoo in my living room. 

The talks went very well. I found Jason to be knowledgible on a wide variety of topics. The man is obviously very well studied and, more importantly, has done the Work. 

I also found the number of folks that had sudden engagements, vehicles break down and other events that caused them not to arrive to be I think it was a reflection of my dream. The GD current can often emphasize the psychological model in the outer work. It is, after all, personal and alchemical. Those that view things from the psychological model at this point in their development, have little interest in dealing with spirits, reversal and the like. Why would they, if they feel all these things are in their heads? This too shall pass. Perhaps, until it does, they need to stay away from certain topics. The truth to a man not ready to hear it, is a lie. Sometimes, information presented too soon can derail the sincere seeker. This is important to keep in mind. It is just as important to let the seeker make that determination 99.9% of the time. Meddling can cause more harm than good.

On a Personal Note: Jason and I covered a lot of ground after the official part was over. I asked him the question I ask my mentor prior to each initiation. "What are my strengths and weakness?" And for Jason I added, "If you were my teacher, what would you have me work on next?" He ignored the first part and gave me great advice on the second part. The discussion that followed even touched on dealing with that which plagues me that the Stavish meditations keep stirring up. There will be more on that in future posts.

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Suecae Sounds said...

It seems like portions of the article is invisible. Maybe there is something funky going on with your blogspot?

I noticed that I only had to 'mark' the text to make it visible though.

On topic it would have been interesting to be able to participate in the talks. But being European does make for quite a good excuse not making it. ;)