Monday, April 20, 2009

Interesting Day

(Brief Note: Yesterday's post should have been titled "Sunday")

Today, I made offerings to the local spirits at work. I sent energy to those spirits that have aided me. I saw green flying worms. I asked the worms what they do for me and as a collective group the response was, "we facilitate emotional communication." 
FrPOS: How does that help me? 
Green Things (GT): When you're angry, we make sure people realize that you're trying very hard to do a difficult job."
FrPOS: Can you make me less angry and frustrated at work?
GT: No. 
FrPOS: What else do you do? 
GT: Facilitate Work
FrPOS: How?
GT: We make sure those that need to be told things at an emotional level can communicate. (If you knew where I worked, that would make so much sense.)
FrPOS: Can you help me communicate with those types of people?"
GT: Yes
FrPOS: Please do so.

Later in the day, I met with a person that I have some issues with along with someone I have no issues with whatsoever. The meeting went very well and, remembering the lesson of the Queen of Wands, I spoke much less than I normally do. 

I also gave an offering to those that hindered me. I saw a big red fish. Looks like emotional anger to me. Got it.

I also gave an offering to the spirits in general. I was amazed at how big this cloud of energy was, just like I was in my temple.


My books arrived for the Cherry Hill classes today. I want to get a jump on things and I don't know which of the three to start with. I may see if I can email the instructor.

I also ordered at Jason's recommendation The 4-Hour Work Week.


I conjured the planetary hierarchy of angels today. With Gabriel, I asked him to initiate me into being right with time. He put me off. Yes but not now. "You picked a bad time. It will come soon." I picked a bad time to get right with time? That doesn't sound auspicious. The planetary angels, seem to be telling me I'm not quite ready. A test of perseverance? A missed lesson?

I also continued work for the other person.


Rufus Opus said...

Green worms and red herring?

Does the emotional anger fish eat the green worms of communication? :-D

I have a Sealed Prediction for the future based on this post. (Picture the Great Karnak.)

And Gabriel and Time? I think you should work Chronos-Saturn for Time, Selene-Moon for cycles of manifestation.

Robert said...

Since I see through the glass darkly, I take things like this metaphorically. If you turn the winged green worms around a bit, you may see sylphs influenced by Venus with a touch of earth thrown in. If you look at the red fish, you may see martial emotion. Are these things personified by any external non-corporal being? From the point of self-perception, it matters not if they are astral phantoms. However, if they are and can be worked with or they are a reflection of something that can be, then why not? I'd have to see them a lot more to take it too seriously.