Friday, April 10, 2009

More Basics

Once again, I did an LBRP, BRH and MP. When I reached Malkuth the spirit appeared again. There was no earth shaking power. He said, "The Wiccans are right. I am not of them.  You are not delusional. You are right as to what I am." On the next vibrations, the earth shook. It was explained that was my power, not his. Whatever. 

When I finished the MP, I began again at my feet and just did one vibration up. I then started at my feet again and pulled the energy up as I went. Going back up has a different feel to it. I like it.

I think I am working to rebalance myself with these exercises. The Stavish purification meditations throw me for a loop and I am just now willing to do them daily. When I did the first MP cycle from the top down. Keter kept moving. The sphere didn't move far but it did slide back and forth softly. Again, moving spheres is very new to me. I've never experienced this before.

Jason Miller is due in town in an hour. I look forward to meeting him. 

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