Friday, April 17, 2009

A Bit on Pan

I think that is significant that after Thursday night's dreams, I was ill. It is not that great of a change in pattern. Often after a long bout with the back and a short recovery, I catch the next bug to wander by. Constant pain is hard on the immune system. However, Thursday night's dreams were a significant marker. They were immediately followed by a strong urge to vomit. 

I've never been able to do that. I haven't puked since I was five. 

But what does vomiting do? It is a bodily reaction to some poisons or bodies it does not want to process. There are a lot of issues that I have been unable to process since my time with a coven. Perhaps, my body, unable to absorb those issues, is trying to eject them. Perhaps, unable to eject them, it tries to burn them with fever. 

Am I taking the analogy too far? 

Pan is known for invading those he is angry with. I felt invaded after Pantheacon but not in a harmful way. There was no trauma associated with his presence, just a bit of confusion and evaluation. Though, it was emotionally disconcerting. 

Pan is known for prophecy. This often took place in a cave with dice. He is said to have taught Apollo to prophecize. Perhaps one of my links with Pan is my ability to read the tarot. I don't talk about it much here because I couldn't explain well in this format how to do it. Maybe this is a link with the god. Maybe, it is something to be developed further with dice. Perhaps, I should start as My Gal and her amazing coin flipping. By asking yes/no answers she can find any misplaced article with a coin.  Maybe I should try that with an odd or ever die. 

I am sure there is some system of dice-o-mancy to learn. No doubt someone will post a comment and tell me what that is really called. Then again, did they have dice in ancient Greece? Maybe the term used in the book is a misnomer. Though, it seems too well-researched for that. 

The above was written Friday. Today is Saturday.

I am doing some very practical work that for serious reasons I can not post about here. For such, I purchased some powders from Lucky Mojo some time ago. So long ago, that after all the remodel work, I'd forgotten where I put them. 

I pulled the dice out of a backgammon game I've had since I was ten. I love backgammon. Unfortunately, I have no opponents to compete against anymore but the set has very nice emotions attached to it. I selected a die and asked, "Is your yes odd or even?" The answer was even. "With the blessings of Pan can you help me find powders I am looking for today?" The answer was odd. no. The next die was asked the same questions and I received an affirmative answer.

I prayed to Pan for his blessing of the die for this purpose until I heard, "It is done." I rubbed my palm together while holding the die and asked the question. Soon it lead me to what I was looking for.  I then made an energy offering to Pan with thanks and went about my day.

Just a quick point regarding Pan. His lore is that you don't approach him at noon. It is then he naps. And, when you approach him, do not do so quietly. This god does not like to be surprised. He will fill your reverential silence with a discordant cacophony. This is not good for you. Such is the lore. Do as thy wilt.


Theo Huffman said...

Of course there were dice in the ancient world. Remember the bit in the King James Bible about the Roman soldiers "casting lots" for Jesus's clothing?

Robert said...

Yes but is a 'lot' and what I conceive as a die the same thing? Six-sided? Numerical? I'm not so sure. What I do know, is the six-sided variety worked for my purposes at that moment. Is there a type of die that would work better with Pan's blessing? I don't know yet. One more thing to ask about, study about and implement.