Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Self-Instruction Through Shouting

For many years, I made very pubic statements about how thaumaturgy, doing magick to affect others and the outside world, was wrong. My work was all theurgy, or god-work, as I was only trying to affect myself. My goal was to become a more spiritual human and become a purer reflection of divinity. I see little harm in the latter goal. My objection to thaumaturgy was the fallout. I felt I had no right to do magick to change my job situation, for example, because it may cost someone a job that needed it much more than I. There were other, far more sinister examples of why this fallout should be avoided as well.

Now, as readers of this blog are aware, I do thaumaturgy from time to time. When I do so, I am as surgical as possible in order to reduce fallout. So, what were all those public statements about? They were about myself. I was instructing myself through shouting. I was telling myself I wasn't ready to do such things. I was right at the time. I am glad I listened. I am equally glad I can discard previously held views.

My observation is that I am not alone in using this technique. I've watched other's espouse certain points of view that they do not uphold in practice. I've also watched other folks espouse points of view that are necessary for them in the moment. I perceive this much along the lines Jason posted about the other day. They are expressing a level of truth concurrent with their understanding of the moment. Don't we all?

Most people are quieter. They do not express their spiritual views and therefore they do not use the self-instruction by shouting technique. Instead, they use self-instruction by thought. They hold negative views of the actions, feelings, or expressed thoughts of others. They baste in them. Not yet aware that these views should be used as internal instructions rather than external judgements. 

In both cases, self-instruction is being externalized. In the former, there is a more likely chance of a realization taking place sooner because the thoughts are out there. Thus, the shouter will receive contradictory input. Those that hold their thoughts in are less likely to encounter the opposite point of view. Therefore, they are less likely to spot the third thing -- the apex of the triangle of opposing forces. 

Finding that third thing is enlightenment. It is not an all-knowing enlightenment but enlightenment about one concept or group of concepts. It is the taking of one more step upon the path of spiritual growth and personal maturity. Shouting is okay. Silence is okay. Yet both must be undertaken within an attitude of being willing to learn. 


Servitor Lucem said...
This blogger has her own take on doing Magic, and I think you'll find it interesting. Not do Magic to change your job situation? Why on Earth not> Would you not do anything at all to change it? Anyway, read the post, it makes a lot of sense.

Robert said...

I think you may have misread or I mistyped. I'm too tired to look. I was saying I used to be against thaumaturgy. Now, I am not but I am still careful.