Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Those Who Teach

I'd like to dedicate a single post to say thank you to fellow bloggers and magicians, Jason Miller and Frater RO

The magickal path can be very hard. It doesn't come easy for me. I started this blog as Frater Bonehead for a reason. Soon my name changed to butchered Latin that means, Learn Do Serve. Both of these names are appropriate in different contexts. Know thyself. 

The bonehead comes in because I can become so focused and so myopic that I fail to see the patently obvious. The input of others is required to back me up a bit. Did Jason tell me anything during his visit that I didn't already know? Hell yes. But, more importantly, he changed my focus enough to allow me to piece some things together that I'd been missing. Some of those things others have tried to tell me. I missed them then. I have it now. Had Jason not visited, I'd still be missing them. So, for his years of effort, his willingness to share, and arriving when he did. Thank you.

For RO, the conversation about a given topic yesterday or the day before made a lot of sense. This too changed my perspective enough for a new understanding. I am still not 100% convinced that you are 100% correct. Though, I am convinced that our discussion brought into context some of my ideas on the topic and filled them out. This too appeared at just the right the time. Thank you for your efforts at preparation and being willing to share. 

Those who are willing to teach and actually have something to teach are worth their weight in gold. Thanks to you both.

There are others that teach me too. Don't feel left out. I know who you are.