Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out of Balance

Jason, My Gal and Gordon all gave great advice regarding my feeling out of balance. Yes, do  your LBRPs and MPs. I will say I disagree with Gordon about 200% of the time. However, he hit this one right on the head. "Frater Bonehead, ask your HGA!" So, I did.

He told me I've been eating crap again. I've been going off to the roach coach at work and eating those small donut shaped things covered in some chocolate-like substance. He told me to go back on my diet and exercise routine. 

Today, I did an unusual LBRP and MP. Instead of doing it the 'normal' way. I used each element's banishing pentagram, made that internal and projected it out as it drew all of that element out of me. I'd not recommend this for beginners. Then, I drew the active and passive pentagrams of spirit over the altar, vibrating Eheieh and opening the veil with each. 

When I did the middle pillar. I declared that I'd manifest spirit in a beneficial way today. The first sephira was done normally. Daath was a 'void' for the first two vibrations and then came to life on the third as I pushed the energy of Keter into Daath. Upon doing so, I saw a spirit wheel in Daath. I repeated this process down to Malkuth which turned into the peculiar color scheme I use for manifested spirit. I went back up, using the shape of the aforementioned Malkuth and watched it morph in each sephira. The images I saw told me I was successful with the magick. However, manifesting spirit can be a wild ride (ie Pan). We'll see what happens throughout the day.

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Unknown said...

See? You're magick is better when you listen to me. And that includes the fact that I said 'spirits', not spirit. When it comes to balancing, there is more than just the HGA that should be consulted.