Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cherry Hill Begins

Wednesday, I signed up for two classes at Cherry Hill Seminary. The first is a Pagan Research and Writing Class. Hopefully, this will make Jason's editing of some of my preliminary articles at bit easier. The second class is on how to attend classes using their on-line course format. That is seventy-five bucks I don't think I need to spend but will anyway.  I don't want to be the guy disrupting class because I can't make something work. Besides, it is always good to familiarize yourself with a culture before you learn that you're supposed to belch at the table.

I don't know if I'm excited about the commitment I am making. However, I am excited about the education. I hope it is what I hope it is.

LBRP, MP Tonight

I normally don't post every LBRP, BRH and MP that I do. There isn't much of a point. However, tonight's exercise was different. First of all, it had been the first time I'd been back in my temple since my latest bout with back issues began. That length of time is unprecedented for me. It was very nice being in my space again. I am so grateful that I've been given the opportunity to create such a place. I know the world should be sacred in every way but that place is to me more sacred than most. 

Two interesting things occurred. The first was the middle pillar was odd. Keter formulated a tad to the right. The sphere centered only in response to my will. Daath formulated slightly to the left and centered only in response to my will. The other three sephira manifested as normal, save what I shall report in the next paragraph. I know I've been out of balance of late but I've never had sephira form out of alignment like that. In the distant past, I was well out of alignment. Perhaps then I was not able to sense the spheres as well. There is no way for me to say at this point. I am not bothered by the spheres appearing that way, only puzzled.

The second interesting thing occurred as I vibrated the god name for Malkuth. The earth shook. The power was an announcement of presence. Mine as a magician or the power of a spirit? The spirit in question first appeared to me long ago reappeared. I viewed this as the god of Wicca for quite some time. Yet, initiates in that tradition continually told me such was not the case, I was not speaking to their god and that my perceptions were 'delusional'. Regardless, when this being shows up, Wiccan's of a particular tradition follow. When I met this being the first time, I met my former group shortly thereafter. When he reappeared long after I left, two members of that tradition appeared and said they saw me as 'family' (there term for one of them) and that I should drop by. Interestingly enough, one of them had viewed me as delusional for seeing this spirit. Now, he has appeared again. What will it bring this time? 

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