Friday, April 3, 2009

Stavish Purification Exercise

Tonight, I performed the Stavish purification exercise for the first time. It works like this.

See a moon above and to one's left and a sun above to the right. See the sun's energy reflected from the moon and moon impart form. I have no idea how to visualize the moon imparting form. Then, the two orbs reflect light down to the top of your head forming a triangle, apex down. Next, one feels the energy enter one's aura/body and pushing out mental/emotional waste through the lower openings. Once accomplished, allow the light to fill up the body and radiate peace, joy, etc. Rest within that feeling and close with a prayer of thanks.

I was amazed at the things that were ejected so quickly. Feelings of my first marriage came up. Items of my first occult group that ended so poorly etc. They came up and I quickly ejected them. The feeling of peace was quite profound and very pleasant. I felt physically lighter. 


Rufus Opus said...

Very cool. Keep up the good work.

Is "Moon impart form" a direct quote, or were you on pain killers?

Robert said...

Page 14, item 1 of 4:

While still seated, visualize teh sun and moon above you. The sun is on your right, the moon is on your left. Imagine their powerful energies drawn together, as the sun brings life energy and the moon absorbs that energy into itself, giving form. The two energies mix and project a point of energy, forming an invisible triangle that sits on the top of your head, with one point pointing downward..."