Monday, April 27, 2009

Replies to Scribbler and Jason Miller

In the comments to yesterday's post, the Scribbler asked the following:

Scribbler: Why did you stop Enochian Magick?

The first round was to just to work the tablet of union. We accomplished that. Then I delved into a couple of the planetary angels on one of the elemental tablets. We had accomplished the first two parts of the goal. We created an Enochian Temple and we skried the Tablet of Union. Then the energy behind us working with this softened up. We entered the temple less and less for Enochian work.  After a while, it didn't feel right to have the temple up. I also have some work to do with Pan that the table would not be conducive for, at least to my current way of thinking. Some folks may argue with me. Good for them. 

Scribbler: What is your overall assessment to this point?

The entities are very responsive to the magician contacting them, even if you butcher the language. There is definately something happening that can not be attributed to personal delusion. My Gal and I experienced much the same thing repeatedly. Though, the language of communication varied, the themes were right on. Perhaps the best proof of this is when we landed the wrong entity. That was pretty dramatic. 

The Enochian entities are much more eminent for me that some of the GD spirits I've worked with but much less eminent that Pan. 

I think the concept that the Enochian entities lead to apocolyptic thinking is likely correct. However, I also think that is a system specific test. Fail it and go off in that direction. Pass it (perhaps repeatedly) and something else unfolds. I am not 100% firm on that but that is my opinion of the moment. 

It is worth making the tools if you can afford it, especially the beeswax SDA.

Scribbler: Am I still doing the Stavish exercises for lucid dreaming?

No. I never made it that far with this go around. Apparently, last time I either bypassed or didn't focus very well on the initial purification exercise.  Though, as long time readers will recall, I had a fantastic lucid dreaming experience on the 31st path. 

This time, I started with the purification exercise and it kicked my ass. It got me back on the loop of an old trauma that I can not clear. Some things are just too painful. I realize this trauma may be my downfall as a magician. I am working on it in multiple ways. Part of me wants to push through it, endure the pain and hope the purification works. The other part of me is sick and tired of this pain I can not shake. 

That being said, I am still working on lucid dreaming. As I've posted recently, I'm working with a GD angel that is over that sort of thing. So far good results. Last night, I had a very unusual experience. Many times before I astral project, I feel a fear and shut down. This time, I experienced a unique feeling of expanding into a void and dropping through. My fear did grip me but much less so. I will continue with this and report in more detail.

My advice to you is to persist. I did receive results with the Stavish exercises. I am stuck on my personal trauma, you may have much better results than I.

Reply to Jason

Jason posted here about the Golden Dawn using the path of the lightening bolt for initiations and how GD folks express suprise when he discusses working the paths. The first part of that is a bit of a misunderstanding in my opinion. Even a cursory look at GD grade intiations will reveal the intiations take place on the paths as well as the sephira. The sephira are more of a focus in the outer order teaches (not the initiation rituals) and that can mislead people into ignoring the paths. I have my theories as to why but I will not post them here.  Secondly, the path of the lightening bolt is down. Golden Dawn lodges work from Malkuth up and through each path. The suprise he says he sees may be that he is pointing out the obvious that others have missed. Or, it may be like my planetary revelation while he was here. I knew that answer and even gave the answer but had to be reminded for some reason.

I find it odd that I have worked the opposite of Jason. I keep trying to purify myself into enlightenment and he just goes there. Now, I am done purifying myself as I am stuck and trying to hop! Just then, he posts about having to work on something specific. It is a strange world.


I got up early to make offerings this morning. Tomorrow I hope to do the spirit invoking ritual too. I do enjoy the offerings.


Theo Huffman said...

Truth be told: I skipped that purification exercise at the beginning of the book and went straight to the lucid dreaming exercise involving the alma ata psychic center (the indigo ball at the nape of the neck), NOT because I was lazy or dismissive of his methods, but because I am familiar with techniques using that psychic center from another source (which is VERY likely Stavish's inspiration). If I'm being cryptic, it's because I plan on writing about this on my blog sometime in the near future, and I don't want to let the wind out of my sails by divulging too much here.

Fact of the matter is that lucid dreaming work of any type is plain just hard work, even if you have tricks and special techniques to help you. It's a skill, and skills can only be developed with lots of practice. And doing lots of practice requires patience. Remember Mr Miagi: "Wax on! Wax off! Wax on! Wax off!"

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question about your Enochian experiences. It'll be a while until I get around to experimenting with that. Years, probably. Lots of stuff to do before then.

Jason Miller, said...


When you read me talking about GD folks, I really mean people that practice with GD flavor more than actually in the GD. This covers Thelemites and people that work Kraig and so on. Bad wording on my part

Jason Miller, said...

As for the working on something specific, we aren't really working the opposite of one another. I dont really move in stages like that. Its the case that I can shift into rigpa pretty easily in some cases, and less so in others. During the rest of my life I will simply continue to slip into Ripgpa whenever possible, but apply extra effort when doing the yard. I also need to do that in traffic.