Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frater RO's post on Know, Will, Dare and Keep Silent

In response to Frater RO's post on know,will, dare and keep silent. I offer this for the keep silent part. I've never been good at the keep silent part (hence this blog). I ripped this off form this blog.

Quote for the Day

April 4, 2009

Then what prevents you from seeing and hearing Him? Truly, there is so great a din in your heart, and so much loud shouting from your empty thoughts and fleshly desires that you can neither see nor hear Him. Therefore, silence this restless din, and break your love of sin and vanity. Bring into your heart a love of virtues and complete charity, and then you shall hear your Lord speak to you.

— Walter Hilton, The Stairway of Perfectio

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Soror Gimel said...

Uhm why the invisible font? Am I missing the joke? It has been a looooong week and it is only Monday morning :)