Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finance Magick

When Jason came to town, he did a class on finance magick. One of things I really appreciated is that he started his talk by giving a brief review of what all the personal finance books tell you. Frankly none if it all that hard, it just takes discipline. If you have the discipline, how much magick do you really need in this area?

Once upon a time, I was married. Shortly, thereafter my now ex-wife declared she wanted a house.  Her credit card debts were too high. My credit card debts were too high. She made enough money. I did not. I took over the finances and we had a very nice house within eighteen months. 

Later in life, I found a book on finance that really impressed me. Basically, it said to use the 
methods that I 'invented' to get us out of trouble. I recommended this book to everyone on the local pagan discussion lists. One person bought the book. She and her husband are now house shopping! She sent me a very nice thank you note for the recommendation. 

After Jason's talk, I realized while this person actually applied the lessons in the book, I did not.I am in nearly the exact place I was two years ago. As one of the few Americans with no credit card debt at all, I am in the vast minority. I still owe on my car and house. Having looked at the budget, I have no idea why. My car should have been paid off a year ago. I am now working on having it paid off a year from now. We'll see if I have the discipline to do it. After that, I'm working on the house. 

The concepts in this book are easy to follow. Follow them! The book is written by a Christian and he quotes scripture. Who cares? The information is valuable and the scripture directly relates to money. The book is not preachy about religion. It is very direct about money. Read the book. Follow the book. Get rich making what you already make. 

This book is worth every penny. If you are employed and not rich, it is because you haven't read and applied the lessons of this book. It is that simple.

This morning, I did get up early enough to do offerings and invoke spirit. I was too groggy to do good ritual. Though, about 10 minutes later, I felt happy and an energetic buzz as if I had just drank some caffeine. 

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Scott Stenwick said...

Frankly none if it all that hard, it just takes discipline. If you have the discipline, how much magick do you really need in this area?

Magick is certainly no substitute for good financial management, but the way I see it if you're managing your finances well you've taken all the mundane steps you can to improve your situation. That's the perfect time to use some money magick to help you do even better. A properly cast money spell will make you lucky on top of everything else, which can help your finances a lot.