Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tonight's Magick

I am working on a long term project for someone. 

It started on Tuesday. I blasted a hole into an obstacle using Mars. Yesterday, I was going to add some speed (and other things) to the process but couldn't. The couldn't was instinct. I was trying to add speed to something that had no direction -- not a good idea. Tonight, Jupiter gave it some direction.

When I invoked the planetary angel, there was no need to explain what I needed. He knew. He asked if wanted initiated into his sphere. I said, "Yes, so far as I can handle it." This pleased him. "You have begun to temper your reach. I will give you a small blessing. I will initiate you into my sphere but do all the other planets first." At this point, I commenced the work of calling the Intelligence and Spirit of the planet.

Yesterday, we had gathered dirt from the target site, having already inserted a charged talisman within. In today's right, I added a blue toothpick to the dirt. The toothpick is the axis mundi of Jupiter of Earth symbolically planted outside the target's front door. 

When I was done, Sochiel appeared once again. He gave me a small blessing, "You will be shown mercy in an unexpected way." 

I felt very peaceful after the rite. 

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