Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Work, Internal Links, Altars

Did some stuff today, that will be revealed soon. Not a big deal really but I will be using the Maxwell Smart Cone of Silence for a bit.

During Jason's talk he asked, "Which planet would you use for this?" I immediately said, "All of them." Though, I had the answer, I needed Jason's reminder. How often have I worked with just one planet for what I needed? Today, I began working towards something. I called one planet. I needed direct immediate impact. Tomorrow, I will call another. The next day, another. Each will shape the effect of the charge. 

Had I had time, I may have done something differently. However, the main thing will be accomplished and the link actually placed in the target's hand. The rest, I will have to do astrally. Though, I may collect some dirt from the place as a link. There really won't be much else at that point. Well, maybe that and a few business cards.


Jason taught My Gal and I a meditation. Forgive me for not posting directions and the like. Jason said he has tried to give directions on line and it just doesn't work. Since I barely know the technique, it would be pointless for me to try. In general, the techique calls for one to feel the edges of one's conscious awareness and push past them. I may do this as a daily practice. I only did this once and came to a realization the next day. People are embedded in my awareness. They leave links. I found said links for many people within. This may be helpful for witch mail practices but it could be put to much more practical ends. I will have to do some practical experimenting.


I found myself unexpectedly in a store today. Said store had a version of a new altar I am going to put up. I didn't make a purchase because it was too unstable for candle work. But now, I know what I need.

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