Sunday, April 19, 2009



One of the items Jason mentioned in his talk, is the need for offerings to the local spirits. Ceremonial Magicians, he argued, are fine dealing with spirits in grimories but not so much with the unknown local spirits. The formers' have known attributes and the latter do not. His argument translated to my mind as, "So why not get to know their attributes?" "Why not work with them and get to know them?" 

This thought has been nagging at me. But it isn't a thought that was being generated from within. I perceived the thought to be emanating from my temple space towards me. Today, I heeded the call. I generated some energy in the simply way Jason uses for such things and gave the energy to the spirits of the temple. I repeated the process over and over giving energy to the house and local spirits and to the Universe. 

When I did the local spirit offering I was amazed at how large the cloud of energy became. Given the desert climate and the time of the year, it was not sup rising to see sylphs feeding on it.  This is my first time making such an offering. I must admit and immediate feeling of connection and peace. 

I plan to do the same for the spirits of my work place on a daily basis as well. 

More Work

Saturday's work required a follow-up. If you're going to batter down some walls, it is always a good idea to strength your own. Today, I did so in the day and hour of the sun. Long and well have I been trained to keep a close watch for messages of the lower ego. Those messages that inflate your self-worth out of all proporation are as dangerous as those negative messages that batter one's self-esteem. 

In today's work, I performed the middle pillar. As I've mentioned in notes of late, Keter has been behaving oddly. Today, at the first vibration, a crown appeared at my head, grew stronger with each vibration and remained throughout the rite. 

Once the item was charged, I was instructed to meditate on the Queen of Wands. The Queen was explained to me by the Enochians as restrained fire, "Greater than fire" were the words used or something similar. During such, I was told that in silence is my strength, not in my words. Be silent and unmoving, a rock. 

Later in the day, I went for a walk. A twenty-something young man stuck his head out the window and said, "I love you." I have no idea who this was. Did it have anything to do with the crown earlier? No clue.

Even later, I delivered the spell worked on Saturday.

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Suecae Sounds said...

I like this. And it's positive that it generated such positive feedback just from the beginning.

Jason is probably right that many forget about local spirits. It's easy to do so.